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Data security for checked out files

Discussion created by Gordon Rigg on Nov 22, 2019
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We tell all our users to check their files in regularly

 - but of course they don't always.

So there is a risk of data loss from the local PC.



We just had a second SSD failure on the same workstation and lost checked out edits for this user.


I have no implemented a backup where the local cache files in the vault view are copies to a backed up area of our network a couple of times a day. It could run quite often as it takes seconds once the first mirror is established.

Thus i can restore and overwrite any loss of checked out file edits if there is another hardware failure.


I used Syncbackfree. It seemed I would need to purchase an upgraded version that would copy open and locked files, but it seems within the PDM vault view cache files are not locked in the normal windows way, or maybe the free version of syncback copies locked and open files despite saying it doesn't, or maybe copy is always done and it doesn't matter because I'm not deleting the in use files. My experiments seem to show that I am getting the local saved versions of the files even if they are still open in solidworks.

Solidworks offer no advice on this subject and do not support this technique and advise it might interfere with pdm functionality in ways they cant predict etc yada yada. Same story for adding encryption for your Vault View cache with Bitlocker and that's working fine too.


Online data backup software - Download SyncBackFree | 2BrightSparks 


It seems to me the SSD are less reliable than normal hard drives, or at least they fail in ways that make data recovery a lot more difficult. We actually only had one data loss incident, the first disc failure was one of intermittent reliability so we got all the data transferred before it died. The new one is a different brand, so fingers crossed.


I asked if there was any function in PDM/Solidworks to prompt a user "You have had this list of files checked out for more than x days you might want to check them in" but there is not.

PDM standard of course doesn't interact with any macros. Professional users might create something to do that?

You could probably also have a check all files in macro run when you shut down the workstation even.