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Exclude selected faces from simulation results?

Question asked by Paul Korenkiewicz on Nov 21, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2019 by Bill McEachern

I figured out how to show results on ONLY the faces I want to see in my simulation results, but is there a way to see the reverse?  By that I mean is there a way to select faces that I want to EXCLUDE?  Or maybe there is a shortcut method to select ALL faces of a body, and then select the ones I don't want again, essentially de-selecting them.  Usually, there is only a few that I want to exclude, but a ton that I actually want to see.  It also doesn't help, that there doesn't seem to be any selection highlighting going on for this command.  For complex geometry, it's a bit hit or miss.  Or am I missing something?  


What I would really like is a way to show the maximum of a given view/zoom?  Showing the maximum, on my analysis, usually shows high stress singularities at the edges of the constraint.  I would like to ignore these (and yes, with some consideration for my analysis and it's goals...) and still show a maximum.   (BTW, CREO had the ability to "SHOW VIEW MAXIMUM" which was very nice in showing specific issues.  You could zoom in or out or rotate the model around to focus the maximum selection to just what you wanted, most times.  Not perfect, but definitely workable.)


Thanks in advance...