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Choosing a computer and graphic card.

Question asked by Katherine Hernández on Nov 21, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2019 by Katherine Hernández

I've been to the Hardware & System Requirements page many times, but it just doesn't give me the information I want. It makes you pick a model and some other things to tell you if a graphic card is good or not, but what I want is a list of semi affordable computers that will work great with Solidworks 2019 and on. Isn't there a place that will list several good graphic cards, ram and processor combinations that would work for Solidworks?


Also, does Window 10 hate Solidworks or what? I have AMD Radeon R7 graphics card, 12GB of ram and 3.50GHz processor. I was running Solidworks 2017 just fine, until some Windows 10 update and now it runs horrible. The lagging is ridiculous and the glitches I encounter grow daily. I'm looking to upgrade both Solidworks and the computer, but I don't want a future Windows update to kill the whole thing. I'm also hoping to get a computer that lasts more than a year running solidworks. 


If anyone has a useful answer to my venting, it is most welcome.