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Question asked by Samuell Poirier on Nov 21, 2019

Hi all,


I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask. Please correct me if I'm wrong.


I'm working on an assembly we will be reusing many times. What I'd like to do is to enter a few custom properties as follows and get an entire assembly :


  1. Type of module
  2. Dimension of the module (would be a single number);
  3. Hub type (associated with the number of connectors);
  4. Number of columns and;
  5. Number of rows.


All of this information would be read from a database. The assembly would then be created using the following parameters gotten from the database where each given property making an calculation:


  1. if the module and dimension are A then each converter handles B amount of modules
  2. if the module and dimension are A then the bolt pattern is C
  3. if the hub is E then each controller handles F amount of modules
  4. if the module is G then computer is H
  5. if the module is G then each module requires J amount of Amps
  6. if J * number of module (row*columns) = K then breaker is L
  7. there is 1 fan / column
  8. based on number of rows and columns and the requirements for the number of  converters and controllers, the position of each converter and controller, the computer, the breaker and the junction box (always the same part) are given from a database.
  9. based on number of rows and columns and the bolt pattern, the frame extends to a given dimension (width and height as the depth is always the same)
  10. based on number of columns and the bolt pattern, the position of each fan (and associated hole in the frame [on a single part]) is moved to  a given position and the frame part that supports them is dimensionned accordingly
  11. based on all the given parameters, cables are located from the database


Anything I can do?


Thank you very much for any help I can get