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Drawing view box smaller than image

Question asked by Jeremy Jacobs on Nov 21, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2019 by David Matula

Everyone talks about the drawing view box being larger due to hidden items... but what if the view box is smaller than the actual view?  See below..


I can't click on anything outside the view box.  It is generated from a cropped view...  see below of the original image showing the crop.

View box is tight to the view before cropping.  Then once it's cropped, the view box gets really small but the cropped image shown is correct.  Doesn't matter how the size of the crop, same result.  Now i can't select anything outside the view box to dimension.. I can see it, but can't select it.  I have created the original view before cropping from 2 different views with the same results.  Computer has been restarted as well thinking it was a refresh issue.


Any ideas?