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SolidWorks2017 crashes on save of new part with 2 sessions opened

Question asked by Brian Hoerner on Nov 21, 2019



   We are currently using SW2017 SP5.


   I have one user that has a crash issue with a 2nd session of SW open, the scenario is this:


    He opens the first session of SW, opening an existing file set.


    He then opens a 2nd session of SW for file comparisons.  He can open existing files in this session, make changes, save, no issues.  However, if he starts a new part as normal, creates even one feature, then hits save, the 2nd session dumps out, leaving the first session open with no issues.


   I know I have seen some Crash related issues when saving, but not exactly like this so thought I would start a different thread.


Does anyone have any thoughts on this?  I may reset his registry, but this is a relatively new workstation, meaning newer installation.  None of my other users to this point have complained about this as of yet.