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Cant Change Scale of image later using Scale Tool

Question asked by Luke Daley on Nov 21, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2020 by John Swenson

Hi, Folks, I've got a bit of an odd issue, maybe someone can shed some light because I don't recall this being an issue for me before


I use the Sketch Picture feature for basically all my work and use the scale tool to align to a real-world reference of size, what I'm finding now however is once I've finished a design and notice I have the reference measurement wrong i can go back in to edit the sketch then the sketch picture (toggling enable scale tool on and off allows me to drag the base handle so I can move around the whole scale line, but I absolutely can not select the end pointer to actually change it, experienced in 208 and 2019 SP5


the real head-scratcher is once in a blue moon for no reason I can hover and the cursor changes and i can use the handle but if I move my camera or touch ANYTHING else (like zoom in to get closer) that's it, gone and the feature is gone in the wind again.


it's a real cruddy problem for me as basically everything I make hinges from this tool hinges and once I need to rescale I'm now having to just bin the entire SW files and start from scratch which somewhat defeats the entire point of parametric design.


yes, I could use the scale tool but as I model I often use the hole tool or use other absolute sizes I don't really want to be messing with basically has anyone experienced this and do you have a solution, besides throwing away hours of work ><


Attached video to show the issue, perhaps someone has an idea!