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Opening SW09 Configurations in Surfcam

Question asked by William Witzler on Apr 27, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2009 by William Witzler

I'm not sure if this is the correct category to post this on but it seemed to be the only "Surfcam" related forum. We are using SW09 SP2 Pro.

Here is the problematic procedure:

1. A user creates a Solidworks part with multiple configurations, saves the file, and closes Solidworks.
2. Opens Surfcam, chooses the Solidworks file, is prompted for configurations (layers), and selects more than one.
3. Surfcam only loads one configuration (layer).

This problem can be circumvented by doing the following:
1. Create the file in Solidworks (multiple configurations), save it.
2. Run Solidworks Rx, clear out the temp folders.
3. Open the file in Solidworks again, open the configurations one at a time, save each one (prompted to save upon closing even if no changes occurred).
4. Open the "resaved" files in Surfcam, select more than one configuration (layer) when prompted.
5. All layers are available.

The above workaround can also be accomplished by:
1. Creating the file in Solidworks (multiple configurations), save the file and close Solidworks.
2. Reopen the same file in Solidworks, make some small change to each configuration, save and close each one.
3. Open the files in Surfcam choosing multiple configurations.
4. All layers are available

As you can see by the above scenario that the first creation of the file in Solidworks keeps something about the file locked until a second change/save, or until Rx deletes something from the temp folders.

We have contacted our Surfcam VAR about this issue and they said it has something to do with how SolidWorks manages the files, possibly keeping them cached or stored and locked causing Surfcam to not open all available configurations.

This issue came up in SW2008 but it was unusual for us not to edit/save a file multiple times before opening it in Surfcam, recently our engineering/programming procedures have changed they now require us to create a file in SW and open it soon after with Surfcam.

We have not yet found a solution to this issue, any help is appreciated.