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Submodeling problem--Parent Static study mesh keeps getting invalidated

Question asked by Ben Melia on Nov 20, 2019

I've set up a large assembly with a subsequent submodelingstudy but keep running into an issue with the submodeling study where it tells me that the parent study does not have valid results anymore and that I need to re-run it in order to run the submodeling study. This is an issue because of two reasons--the first being that the parent study takes about 45 minutes to run, and second (more importantly) I am making sure to not change anything at all. I can't identify the triggers but it seems to be related to the yellow exclamation mark on the rebuild icon at the top of the screen. I have tried breaking all references, making every single part and subassembly fixed, making every single part and subassembly virtual, and have looked around for a system setting that may be causing this but couldn't find anything. What could be invalidating my parent study mesh? One last thing, I have made sure to keep all files outside of the PDM vault and I make sure I am not connected to the vault whenever I am working on this.