P. Farnham

Why make a tool that does not work and that has never worked in every version released?

Discussion created by P. Farnham on Nov 19, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2019 by P. Farnham

I refer to the File version upgrade tool.


There was a tool that started off in Workgroup PDM that never worked and always crashed out.

As workgroup was free, then complaining seemed to fall on deaf ears.


Sooooo…… after spending megger bucks on PDM Professional I expected that this newer tool would work.

Of course It would as it had to be paid for.


Nope, Narda, piece of shite still.


Major bug where references are the incorrect references, ( waits till service 2019 pack 5 to fix)


Clears local cache before upgrading so that referenced documents have gone in assemblies.

If you make the toolbox or any folder read only, the File version upgrade tool, fails.


We need to overwrite versions and so checking out, rebuilding and checking in cause a version change, this we can't have due to insurance requirements.


As we have paid for this tool this time can you please make it work?