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Adjusting measurements for furniture designs

Discussion created by Joshua Sharp on Nov 20, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2019 by Matt Peneguy

Hi All,


Basically I'm about a year out of uni and they didn't teach much solidworks - only basics such as using a few tools in the feature toolbar. That's all well and good for uni when you have long time frames for projects, but now I'm working its proving incredibly tedious and frustrating.


First off does any one have any good resource sites for understanding capabilities - specific courses etc online as it'll have to be in my own time.


Secondly, more specifically our company produce furniture models all in one part - not recommended I know but I didn't implement it! I'll attach kind of a work around for changing sizes of similar base products which I've kind of figured out, but currently it seems to take ages to build models in SW and then adjust and create specs from so starting to think I'm missing out on tricks of the trade. I create a start sketch with all dimensions, then save and create copies in other files which need the sizes changed - not sure if I've described it right so sorry if I'm not clear!


Thanks a lot, any advice would be much appreciated