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micro curvatures are messing up my thumb model

Question asked by Andrew Emmert on Nov 18, 2019

Good morning everyone!


I have attached below a master model of a left hand thumb that I've been designing for a prosthesis as a senior design project.  Despite being careful with the guide curves to make sure that tangency has been maintained along the plane of symmetry, there is a minimum curvature being registered at the very tip of the thumb (represented by a single point used as the final profile of the main surface loft feature), this minimum curve has a value of 3.93e-7 and can really only be seen using zebra curves or examining the preview of the surface loft.  


I have managed to successfully form a surface thicken feature in order to create a 0.1 in wall thickness, but after being turned into a solid, a new small curvature appears under the check dialog with a value of 0.0105 in, which is unexpected.


I've rebuilt the model several times, being careful to make sure the guide curves all follow gentle paths from start to finish, so I'm at a loss for what is generating these small curvatures.  I'm hoping that someone here on the forum might be able to help me diagnose and correct the issue.


Thank you in advance,