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Eagle/Altium files and serial numbers in PDM enterprise

Question asked by Tim Meskers on Nov 19, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2019 by Mario Zahren

Just like SW drawings can follow / have the same serial number of the part they represent, I would like to have the .SCH/.SCHDOC (schematic file), the .BRD/.PCBDOC (board layout file) and the exported Gerber and .PDF files to follow the sequential numbering of .EPF/.PRJPCB (project file). If no project file is present, the schematic file should have the main serial number and the board layout file and export files should follow. If no proj-file and no schem-file are present, the board layout file should have the main serial number and export files should follow.

How would I implement this structure in PDM enterprise? Is there a standard solution available, or do I need help from my VAR? And is the solution the same for Eagle and Altium?

Last question, just because it might be interesting for every one: if you have implemented a eCAD files PDM solution (preferably for software other than SW-PCB), how do you structure you folders and serial numbers for the different eCAD files?