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hide scetches

Question asked by J. Buckallew on Nov 18, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2019 by J. Buckallew

is there a way to hide sketches at the part level from the assembly/drawing levels? this is why i would like to do this. even if you do a hide all or pick "hide sketches" at the part/assembly/drawing levels, it doesn't actually hide them. it "hides" them in the since of you not being able to see them anymore, however, the assemblies/drawings still do. what i mean is, if there is a sketch that is used for mating or reference, that is larger then the part/assembly/drawing view, when you do a zoom to fit, the sketch is still there but invisible. if the sketch is hidden by right clicking on the sketch in the tree, it is completely hidden. i have coworkers that don't do this and i have to do it. i just want to be able to do it at the assembly level with one button instead of having to select each one individually.