Tyler Harding

PDM Set Revision Counter to Match Revision Variable

Discussion created by Tyler Harding on Nov 18, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2020 by Wayne Marshall

I'm on PDM Standard. I'll make this short.


Our vault currently has no revision scheme actively being used. Our files have a Revision Variable manually typed in at the moment. We opted to migrate into the vault over time to fix a lot of our broken files. We wanted good data in the vault. I didn't want people forgetting to Set Revision and having some parts that have it done, and other parts that didn't have it done.


When we're fully migrated in the vault, I will be doing a Set Revision to match the data card variable for all parts in the vault, and I will setup an Increment Revision transition where the Rev is bumped when going through an engineering change state.


There will be legacy files that will be missed I'm sure and will need to have the Set Revision command manually used on it to bring it into the revision scheme with the correct revision.


Is there a way to make a dedicated Data Migration Transition, that it can Set Revision to match the Data Card Variable automatically for legacy data?


What I don't want to happen is somebody forgetting to Set Revision on files, and have to go manually hunting, or us not catching them.