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Discussion created by Richard Burney on Nov 17, 2019
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Up until a few months ago I was maintaining a Facebook presence for the SolidWorks User Group of South Central Nebraska that is located out of Kearney, NE.  With both the page and group's contents going well beyond just the activities of the South Central group and with me having moved back further east to Columbus it made sense to update this Facebook presence to be for all the groups in the state.


Below are the new links.  The "page" is intended for the public and its contents are linkable and viewable by non-Facebook users.  The "group" aka "community" is more private, but it allows for more interactivity by those who are in it.


Nebraska SolidWorks User Groups "Page"

Nebraska SolidWorks User Groups - Home | Facebook 


Nebraska SolidWorks User Groups "Group/Community"