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Suggestion for brainstorming with SolidWorks

Question asked by Gary Lucas on Nov 18, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2019 by Steven McCallion

Interesting conversation with the FIRST Robotics team group leaders last night.  A student with ZERO experience with SW, design, or building anything is arguing with me, 66 and started on paper, moved to 2D 30 years ago then to 4 different 3D programs that we shouldn't use SW until we hand sketch our ideas!  This from the Iphone and text generation, that looked quisically at me when I used a paper phone book as an example.


What I observed working with the students sketching and drawing on the whiteboard is that their visualization skills and sense of scale are very poor.  This is as expected, few kids actually have a chance to build things today.  I transitioned to brain storming by dropping some parts in an assembly and maybe modeling a few shapes that help me quickly see if something is even possible.   I think that method will be huge as we have an extensive library already.


So I am looking for suggestions on a process I can pass to the students,  maybe sketch derived assemblies which I have not used much or probably even effectively myself.