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Why are custom properties of format "Date" being set to year 1601 when saving in PDM Vault

Question asked by Samuel Keller on Nov 18, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2019 by Jonathan Albert

Issue with fresh installation of Solidworks PDM Standard 2019 SP4

In my part files, I have several custom properties of format "Date".

When I create a new part, and save it to Desktop, said custom property is empty as expected.

When I save the same file to my vault view (any folder, not checked in yet), all of the custom properties of format "Date" have the value 1601-01-01.


I am pretty sure, that neither my file cards nor the defined variables in PDM, nor the Workflow have anything to do with this.

File Card: I have created a new, empty file card with no fields to be used with prt files, but the problem persists.

Variables: Even if I define a new custom property with a name that is not defined as a variable in PDM, it gets the above value when it's formatted as "Date"

Workflow: This happens before the files gets checked in, so in my opinion it's not part of the Workflow yet.


Any Ideas why this happens? What else should I try? Any help is appreciated.




Edit, 2019-11-20: Our VAR suggests, that empty properties of "Date" format are somehow interpreted as "0" which when parsed to a date results in the date 1601-01-01. Their recommended workaround is to not use "Date" format in variables nor properties, and use "Text" format instead.

This seems not very elegant, and does not fully explain the difference in behavior when saving to desktop vs. to PDM vault.


Do any of you guys use custom properties of format "Date" in Solidworks PDM?


Edit, 2019-11-20 #2: After further testing: All files that are moved to the Vault via Explorer, all "Date" properties work as intended, are not set to 1601-01-1, can be set to a date, and also be set to "empty" again. This behaviour stays even when checked in as new versions.

Only when saved to the Vault directly via "Save As" in Solidworks, fills all the "Date" properties and prevents me from deleting them.

Can anyone reproduce this? I still would like to find a solution to this that would not mean changing all the custom properties in my templates.