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How to create a sharp surface (not smoothed) based on a 3d sketch?

Question asked by Bil Ou on Nov 17, 2019



I'm facing a quite simple/common problem probably due to my lack of knowledge as a newbie in Solidworks.

I hope you will be able to orientate me to the right process to achieve my goal.

I have created a 3d sketch with some points (based on multiple 2d sketches in different planes) as you can see in the picture attached.

I would like to create a solid from this 3d sketch, I tried to use surface boundaries/loft but with no chance.

I don't want to have smooth edges, I would like to keep them sharp just like the 3d sketch.

In your opinion what would be the best way to do it?


One more question, I have created a 3d sketch based on multiple 2d sketches but I'm not even sure it is needed to reach my goal, could I just use these 2d sketches without having to create a 3d sketch based on them?


Thanks so much for your help in advance guys!