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How to make a terminal strip that has a series of terminals where each can have 3 wires connected to it?

Question asked by Chuck Dahl on Nov 15, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2019 by Jeff Jordan

I am using DIN rail mountable terminals, and each has 3 connection points that are electrically connected internally. I have 20 of these (3 common terminals on each) mounted on a DIN rail, and some of the adjacent ones are shorted together with bridge connections. I have been trying to represent this "elegantly" but have not yet found a way to.  I have been trying to do this using the "Terminal strips" manager. I've only been able to create terminal strips that have 2 connection points on each terminal. If I extend a wire from one of the terminal connection points to a component and then attach another component to the same wire (which creates a junction point), the updated generated terminal strip drawing will only show one of the components connected to terminal. These types of terminal blocks are not uncommon, so I'm surprised that this isn't more easily implemented.