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PDM (standard) checked out file loss

Question asked by Gordon Rigg on Nov 15, 2019

We just had an SSD die and suffered loss of all the users checked out file edits.

It seems discipline of regular file check in has not been that good.


what techniques doo you have to ensure users check their files in regularly?

Are there any PDM standard features available to nag users to check in their files periodically?


As a means of closing the stable door now the horse is in another county, I am experimenting with using a facility called syncback to periodically (1-2 times a day) synchronize a mirror of the local vault view cache files to a network storage area.

Backup software comparison - SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE and SyncBackFree 


I need to upgrade the free version to copy locked/open files but but i'm not sure if that will succeed depending on what file locking is used ion those cache files. (Copy open/locked files using VSS). Maybe they aren't even locked as they aren't even supposed to be viewed...



This is actually taking advantage of the fact that there is no security policy on those local cache files - when you log off and take tour laptop off site you are carrying an open accessible unencrypted copy of your companies data. (I posted about using bitlocker on a partition as protection for that ).


Google says SSDs are not less reliable than conventional hard drives. However we have lost two SSDs and never lost a conventional hard drive. But the performance advantage of having the vault view on the SSD is significant I think. Hence my motivation.


Perhaps someone else out there has some advice or another solution to this issue?