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Discussion created by Dave Laban on Nov 15, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2019 by Glenn Schroeder

This years TTL (Top Ten List) has been moved over on to the 3DExperience 3DSwym platform; a departure from previous years where it was held here.  This feels like a trial run for moving most of the SolidWorks community over DS' new platform, especially given the state of the current forum support as discussed here; SOLIDWORKS Forum Content Experience Changes (TL;DR version - it's out of support).


I think it's important that we all go in to the TTL process with open minds but equally, I understand we're all going to need some convincing that it offers something better.  Equally, just complaining isn't going to achieve anything either.


I'd like this thread to become a central point of feedback where we can raise the issues we have with the new platform in a polite, clear and constructive way.  Hopefully by being sensible about it, we can influence some real change over on "the new place" so it works as well as it can do for all of us.  Please also raise the same / similar comments on this TTL Idea to maximise visibility:  https://r1132100503382-eu1-3dswym.3dexperience.3ds.com/#community:h6OPd8sKT4u_n1j65oVt7A/idea:mvWiIreiTfO2xwwRX5UuUg 


After a couple of days usage, I've formed some first impressions;


  1. Notifications don't take you directly to the related comment.  In large threads, this results in you having to play a game called "find the new comment", which is further compounded by the issue that responses-to-responses get nested underneath and then hidden by default (with no apparent setting to permanently show).
  2. Comments seem to disappear, but this may be related to the issue where pages don't always refresh automatically, you sometimes need to hit Refresh / F5 to see new content - which doesn't always work either. 
  3. Once you go in to an Idea to review it properly (rather than browsing in the main list view), responses to ideas are cramped in to a tiny space on the right rather than having somewhere to scroll downwards. 
  4. The page seems to get confused hopping between "communities".  I've often ended up with the heading from one community and the content from another visible on the page, with no way to kick it in to life other than completely closing and starting again.
  5. You can't hide communities you're not interested in, so there's always a lot of noise in the bottom left of the screen. 
  6. The tags are a free-for-all (we've already got "UI", "User Interface" and "user interface") rather than being the predefined categories we had here.  These periodically get cleaned up by DS staff but this just seems like more work for everyone?
  7. Everything is geared towards searching for something specific, unlike the old TTL which was far better for browsing so that you might stumble across that one "OH MY GOODNESS YEAH" idea you hadn't considered. There's currently about 80 ideas in the list and it already struggles scrolling through.  There needs to be an option to only see the Idea title rather than Title + Content + (some) Comments for everything. 
  8. Everything is one behemothic list rather than being readily broken in to sub-categories (unless you use the aforementioned free for all tags).  We saw when the forum was refreshed that single lists don't work for all but the simplest of conversations.  It needs pagination and thorough categorisation to work efficiently.
  9. Email notifications tell you that someone commented, but not what that comment was.  This means you have to go back to the platform to see the content, which is almost certainly the idea (because TRAFFIC!) but is a functionality regression compared to here.
  10. Email notifications aren't granular enough.  I want an email when someone comments, but I don't want an email every time someone likes something.
  11. Sharing personal details on profiles by default shouldn't be happening.  The phrases "informed consent" and "GDPR" keep floating to mind.
  12. Pasting images directly in to posts is quite hit or miss in terms of it working.  The more reliable way is to save the image to file, then upload the file, but this is just adding more steps and effort.
  13. The main ideas list suffers from showing both too much information (just the Idea title should be enough) and not enough information (depending on where the text is cut off, it can make it look as if the Idea was submitted before it was finished).  A simple ellipsis at the cutoff point would make it cleaner, hiding any of the body of the idea would be preferred.
  14. UI changes depending on window size, seemingly to the point of functions going missing.
  15. Frequent blank pages for many users with no discernable trigger.  A workaround (courtesy of Alex Lachance); "Click  on the DS icon at the top left, brings you to home, then go back to  the previous blank page. The page should load fine now."


Those are my thoughts for now, hopefully you can add more.  Remeber, keep it civil folks!  I'll try to update this list with any more ideas that come out in the discussion below.