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Attaching decal on curved surface

Question asked by Chun Heen Ho on Nov 14, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2019 by Chun Heen Ho

I am trying to put a company logo (jpeg) file on a cylinder.


I thought I could use appearance select the jpeg file to put this on the curve surface like applying texture. However, because of the size of the logo, the image would be repeated. 


To avoid this, I used split lines to split out the size of the logo I need on the curve surface to limit the area of the application of the logo. 


This is fine until I turn on the lighting. The reflection and shadows does not project on the logo area. So this now look like someone stuck a rectangular printed label on the cylindrical surface making it very ugly.


Is there someway to apply the JPEG to the surface. The logo I have to apply is not simple text so tying to create a cut or emboss feature is difficult as it will be difficult to try to generate the curve lines in the sketch.


Thank you.