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Does planes and holes are really that complicated?

Question asked by Piotr Kluba on Nov 13, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2019 by Piotr Kluba

I have to do two holes:

1) at 13 degree (i have an axis thru that bore), then start point is on position as show and at 30 degree.

2) at 4 degree and offset .209 from center of the bore, then start point is on position as show and at 27 degree.

In my sketch200 i draw 2 lines (13 degree and 4 degree with offset),

then created plane22 and plane24 using this lines,

then i did two sketches for each plane to make point for start hole and center line,

then using the points and center line i did two planes,

then i used hole wizard twice to make two holes.


Is there any way to make it less complicated?

I can't find an option to make a hole based on point and "along a line".

I can't use axis to create plane 4 degree and offset .209


My other solution with less features is to revolve this holes but I would eliminate only two planes by that.


Any advise?