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Best way to edit DXF

Question asked by Dylan Sinclair on Nov 13, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2019 by Eric Beatty

Hi everyone having a bit of a discussion in the office today and want to see how other people would work around this issue.



Our office is based in the UK and manufacturing in Turkey, we share drawings as and when changes are needed but sometimes emails get lost in translation...

We have asked Turkey to send us the original SolidWorks part of a basic sheet with cutouts (see attached). however they send over a DXF and when questioned, they can only provide a DXF.



We need to change the red 700mm to 680mm (the 4 holes in line need moving in proportion), only equipped with a DXF how would this be done safely.. aka without the possibility of moving every other cutout on the plate.

  • Engineer 1: Open the DXF in draftsight, move each hole along the X axis until in the correct location and save as new DXF
  • Engineer 2: Copy DXF into solidworks sketch, move sketch and use relations to reduce the risk of moving other cutouts, save as new DXF



Which way would be most reliable or are both as bad as each other?

Obviously having the SolidWorks file would be the easiest and most efficient but this is not an option at times


Any comments are much appreciated, look forward to hearing how other people outside out office would go about this issue!