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Dimension Driven Scalable Parts

Question asked by Brent Gaspard on Nov 10, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2019 by Victor Carosi

New to SolidWorks 2019 I am struggling with some simplistic concepts … first of all, why is cutting an extruded pipe profile a two-step process? First the outer-circle extruded boss, followed by second inner circle extruded cut? Then, on top of that, a "Swept Boss" requires an altogether separate sketch and feature process for a "Swept Boss" extrusion to mate with the first extrusion … seems cumbersome. I know the Pipe Routing tools are available in Premium, but I only have the Professional License. 


Anyway, to the images below … I would like the dimension seen below to drive the starting point for the 90-degree swept boss seen in the second image. So, if I needed the "Swept Elbow" to be 48-inches off the manifold center, all I have to do is edit the "Extruded Cut" sketch and modify the driving dimension from 24" to 48". But, this layout is not working that way - at least not with this approach.Extruded Boss Dimension DrivenSwept Boss to be moved by Extruded Boss Dimension