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Is there an automated/easy way to cut a 3D-model into slices/layers for lasercutting?

Question asked by Ruben Lange on Nov 10, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2019 by Chris Dordoni



I've been looking online a bunch trying to find a way to get a 3D-model sliced up into many layers in order for them to be lasercut out of plywood, so that I can glue them together afterwards, but I've only found external software I first need to download and install (sometimes with a pricetag...).


With SolidWorks being such an advanced modeling tool I already have acces to, I presume there must be a way to slice a model automatically, or at least make it easier than doing it by hand using many planes and cuts. I just need help finding it, and if its not a thing, advice for the cheapest/easiest alternative.


I hope someone can help out!


Thanks in advance,