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Drawing Dimension Unique IDs

Discussion created by Bharat H. S. on Nov 11, 2019
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**  I've a different problem. I've been working on a project which deals with Dimension Ballooning(ballooning each manufacturing dimension on a drawing) using Solidworks API, I'm using method as storing the dimensions from drawing and ballooning each one. For the first time for a drawing it works fine, problem occurs in repeated process. Problem is this, dimensions in drawing have some ID (RD4, RD5 etc, D4, D5 comes for model dimensions), while ballooning many times if I delete any unwanted dimensions its ID will also be deleted and if I add a new dimension that old dimension ID could be transferred to newly added dimension. I use these IDs to store information about dimensions like tolerance, dim type, but if the ID repeats I'll get the problem of losing old dimension value.


**  I've attached a pic showing old & new dimensions from same view having same name(ID) but different values. Because they are different dimensions(new ones are added after deleting old ones)


**  Following is the code to get name of dimension as 'Display Dimension' & as 'Annotation'.

                        xlsheet1.Cells[row1, 1].value = dimension1.FullName;
                        xlsheet1.Cells[row1, 2].value = dimension1.Name;
                        xlsheet1.Cells[row1, 3].value = anno3.GetName();

Could anybody please suggest something about this?