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3d pdf crashes on open

Question asked by Sean Johnson on Nov 8, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2019 by Kirk Pedley

This may not really be a Solidworks issue, but I'm having zero luck finding an answer from the Adobe forums.


I've some 3d pdf files.  Smaller ones of only a few kb open fine.  Larger ones, in this case about 1.7Mb crash upon opening. 


I've reloaded the Adobe software, and made some changes to its configuration settings, but at the moment I can't use the exported 3d pdfs for anything but parts.


I've plenty of memory, my graphics drivers are up to date.  Graphics card is a Quadro K2200, with 24525 Mb total available graphics memory and 4096Mb dedicated video memory.


Having the ability to open the files is really handy for meetings, and for people who don't have SW to see concepts.


Any help appreciated.