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BOM in qty is pulling part number from part

Question asked by Gary Reif on Nov 8, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2019 by Gary Reif

Have an assembly that in the bom in the qty column on just one of the parts it is pulling part of the part number instead of true qty. So to explain better the part number of the part in question is 169-111XXX. In custom props of the part there is a prop DWGNUM and in the value field it has 169-111xxx. Now going to assembly drawing all of the parts are 169-XXXXX and just one of these in the qty column the qty shows 169 instead of 1 of which that is how many there are in the assembly.

So I as a test in the custom prop I changed the 169- to 111- and the BOM changed to 111 also.

I tried inserting another new BOM with same results.


Has anyone seen this before or any idea what is going on?