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Gauge table flatten/DXF error "Could not find bend table"

Question asked by B. Foskett on Nov 8, 2019

Hi all,

I have recently started using a simple gauge table, at the moment it is largely to "force" me to use the "correct" bend radius for a given thickness without having to look it up, and to lock my K-factor at 0.5. This might not be exactly correct, but it is early days.

Anyway, the gauge table seems to work well, until I go to generate a DXF, or flatten the part. At which point I get the error "Could not find the bend table. Please select another or specify a k-factor." This seems odd to me as I am using a gauge table not a bend table. My gauge table does include values from 0° to 180°.

I'm on 2019 SP 2.0

If anyone has any ideas that could help me out I would be very grateful!


Creating a base flange using the gauge table.

Works fine.

Adding an edge flange

Also works fine.

Click flatten, and I get this error.

Deleting gauge table and leaving the thickness and radius the same.

Part flattens fine.