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Question asked by Jeff Sparks on Apr 24, 2009
Latest reply on May 5, 2009 by Alessandro Frattini
I have worked in Autodesk products for about 12 years (major implementations all over the country for a large company), and SolidWorks products for about 2 of those years in unison, and have worked Solid Edge & Pro E as well. I am new to the SolidWorks world of Toolbox. So far I am not impressed, but I am told we need to use this tool so I am trying to grasp it. There is limited documentation about how to deploy. The terms I have been able to find in the Help section of SolidWorks do not match terms on the screen or options coming up on my screen in 2009 anyway. HELP!!! I need a how to, a specific how to for the Toolbox. Half of what I see in the HELP section of Toolbox Configure Data isn't on the screen at all when I open the Toolbox. I see a lot of other people on here with issues using and manipulating the Toolbox as well. Who has the time to "play" with all this stuff this much? If you have a job like that, then your company is probably making too much money for their product, or you are about to lose your job. My company has no time to play with anything for 5 minutes, much less the weeks it will take to figure this out. Any Tree item: where are those? Clicked Toolbox Configure where are the "left pane Standards/Components" tree? Mine says Toolbox Standards. No property managers that I can see, what exactly is the configuration vs. create parts. It isn't the same? The 2009 tutorial sucks bad, it explains nothing about the Toolbox, and even the reseller agreed with my complaints. How can you sell a product with no information that everyone has to play with to get to work properly for them? I need a specific "here is how to do it, and this is what to expect with the options given" guide. Is there one like this? I have 3 different books from SolidWorks from 2009 that have "parts" about the Toolbox, and one is more vague than the next. Is there anything or anyone out there that can help me/ us?