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Beginner help - I don't understand assembly locks

Discussion created by Kevin Hansen on Nov 7, 2019
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It's been a few months since I've had to deal with SW.


I place a component in an assembly. It comes in fixed. So I float it, and try to mate it to my basic datum planes. The first mate always comes in as a lock. I can't switch it to coincident or anything else. It's stuck on lock. All the other choices are greyed out.


It seems like in the past, I'd accept it and add more mates, then come back and delete the lock constraint. But this time, the second one I add is also a lock. When I keep adding constraints, it gets to a point where it tells me there's a conflict and asks me what I want to do, so I choose to overconstrain it. Then I go back and delete the locks.


This can't be right. What is happening?


What is the lock constraint even supposed to do? I get the impression that it locks the component in whatever position it happens to be in at the time, but... in what direction? Because if it was in all directions, it would be overconstrained after the second mate.


Also, how do I get the planes to be visible?