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Using Parallel transition for approval, I'm missing the Reject option.

Question asked by Joep Verhoeven on Nov 7, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2019 by Robert Weller

I'm trying to formalize our review process in PDM and this seems what the parallel state change is made for. I require users from separate groups to sign off, maybe add a comment. However the case when a reviewer rejects the state change does not seem to be handled. When the parallel transition is started the only option is to approve, no other state changes are possible. Even worse, if some users have already signed of they need to revoke their approval before the file can be sent back to engineering. This seems quite a fault in the system for me to be the first one to notice.


How do you handle such a review process in PDM?

I've seen multiple tutorial video's that set this workflow up but none handle the reject case. I've contacted my VAR but they only point to ER and have no workaround so I'm trying my luck here.

Any takers?