Tiffany Fung

How to measure air quantity coming out from cylinder?

Discussion created by Tiffany Fung on Nov 6, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2019 by Michele Bovetti

I am working on a air flow simulation with a cylinder with a part inside. My goal is to find out the quantity of air exhaust of the cylinder.


I used 0.33kg/s for mass flow and the other end is environment pressure. I also set surface goal of mass flow rate on both side hoping to find out how much air comes out with a part blocking the airway.


However, the mass flow rate of the exit is larger than the enterence, which means that more air is coming out even though there is something blocking the way and it makes no sense.


Are there any ideas to calculate how much air coming out from the cylinder except calculating the mass flow rate since the result doesn't make sense?


Thank you so much for helping.