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If Solidworks wants our business, why aren't they answering our questions?

Question asked by Jim Canale on Apr 24, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2009 by 1-I7AP5K

Three weeks ago I got the email about the 30 day trial for the engineering stimulus package. I've never tried Solidworks and have never downloaded a trial. Thought it would be a great opportunity to try the program. Sounded easy. Just download the program and install it using the trial key they emailed.

Unfortunately, 6 attempts at a download over the past three weeks got me 6 freezes of my PC. It happens the instant I click on the link. I also tried 2 times from my home PC. Of course, Solidworks immediately emails trial keycodes, but what good are those without the program?!!??@@$#

So I called Solidworks customer support today. Frankly, I think the young lady was kind of snotty. I told her I've never had a problem downloading updates and trials from other websites, but she acted as if she thought I should take a course in "computers 101". This to a guy who has been using Macs or PC's daily since 1984. She didn't have any constructive advice other than to tell me I should:

A. Turn of my antivirus software.. (YEAH RIGHT, like I'm going to do that...)
B. Look up a "reseller". (I don't want to be pestered by sales calls now.)
C. Sign up for this forum.

I browsed over here and saw that the first few posts are from people who ALSO can't download. Why does Solidworks send someone who can't download the program to a public forum to ask other people who can't download the program how to fix it?!! Is this just a scam to force me to talk to a reseller? Do they really have a program to download?

Actually, I did send an email to one of the local sales offices a couple weeks ago about the download issue. They didn't respond. I guess Solidworks doesn't want my business.

There are other CAD programs I can evaluate and buy.