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Anyone Here Using SignaNest?

Question asked by Matt Juric on Nov 6, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2019 by Jacky Hao

We have a division of our company that is using this software or there paths for laser and plasma. They are telling us that they cannot pull flat patterns from multibodied parts like Weldments. The end results is that they want us to create individual files for every body of a multibody part....which of course defeats at least one of the reasons for using solidworks weldments.


I did a few searches and and found several references to the idea that Signanest could import multibodied parts. I also found some, what I would call, basic instructions in the manual on how to do so.


What I'm wondering, again if anyone here is using this, is whether there is a "Good" way or better way to do this. Can we import into SignaNEST using config names, Custom properties or some other method?  


Thanks for any input.