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Fill Bill of Materials with Weldment Cut List Properties

Question asked by Sam Leo on Nov 5, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2019 by Madson Germano Silva

I'm trying to create a template for parts and drawings where we have structural members drawn as a part, and assembled with each other as an entire job.

I am unable to carry over the size of the structural member, although I can see it in the weldment cut list, I can't get the property linked to it.

I have tried every combination of $PRP to no avail.


Below is a screenshot of an example of a weldment cut list in a part drawn using a structural member profile.

Weldment Cut List


Below is a screenshot of the File Properties that I believe I need to get the correct properties into, in both the summary and configurations.

File Properties - Custom

File Properties - Configuration Specific


This is the result I'm currently getting, where the blank spaces should show the size of steel profile I've used for the structural member.

Specifically, they should read "150 PFC"  and "90x90x3.5 SHS", respectively.


Can anybody help, as I've read absolutely everything I can find on the subject.