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ISO view with Interference Fit in a drawing

Discussion created by Nick Isaacson on Nov 5, 2019
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Hi all, first post to the community, so please bear with me on this.

Below is a shaft going through a plate.  The shaft has a diameter about .001 inches larger than the hole.

As you can see, the drawing view on the left is missing a portion of the shaft.  In the image on the right, I have used a phantom line to approximate the contour of the shaft.




We deal with a lot of interference fits in our company.  Is there a way to have Solidworks add these contours automatically?

I understand that if i made the hole in the plate slightly larger (~.001 inches) than the shaft, this would not be an issue, but all of our part models are made to scale for the purpose of machining, etc.

Please help.

Thanks, Nick