Matt S.

Mate to point ball joint in a specific direction

Discussion created by Matt S. on Nov 5, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2019 by John Pesaturo

I have an assembly that I'm having trouble mating correctly. I have a ball joint which is off axis to a target and a given distance a way. The ball joint is free to rotate and I want to set a mate that will force it to point to the center of the target. I can do this this using the angle mate however the issue is I do not necessarily know the angle (the perpendicular distance can change and there are actually multiple ball joints all which would have a different angle to point to the same target the same distance away). I also thought about drawing a line in in one of the parts and mating the endpoint of the reference line to a point on center of the target. This would work if I had one ball joint but since I have different ones it won't since of course the ball joints closer to the center are a closer angular distance to those further away from the center.


Is there an easy way I can do this?