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MakeSketchBlockFromFile method doesn't define block

Question asked by Xing Chen on Nov 5, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2019 by Simon Turner



I am running Solidworks 2018.


I tried to insert a revision block to the drawing. And I would change the attribute of it after. However, when I used MakeSketchBlockFromFile method like this


                Set swSktBlkDef = swSktManager.MakeSketchBlockFromFile(swMathPoint, FileName, True, scl, angle)


I could insert the block successfully but the could not do anything after. During debugging, when I moved cursor over swSktBlkDef, it always showed “nothing”. Like nothing was assigned to swSktBlkDef. I couldn’t get instance from this block definition as it is empty.  


Can anyone help?