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How can I link a thread call out into a linear dimension

Question asked by Wilbert Flora on Nov 5, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2019 by Jean Giacomoni

Hi Guys/Gals,




I have a query. This may have ask before but, I really did not find a suitable answer.




Basically, I do have a part that has a internal thread and I would like to show that thread dimension into the section view. Inserting the thread callout does not seem to be correct as it just place it on the center of the line. What the normal dimension is create a linear dimension with the correct context. By doing this, I am skeptical that it may cause error if there would be modifications or changes to the thread size.




What I want is like the function of the NOTE that you can LINK the context into a dimension or any other information. So, If there will be changes it will automatically change as well.




please see image 







Appreciate any feedback's. :-)