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Linking Property Tab Builder

Question asked by Donald Christensen on Nov 4, 2019

Hi all, I am trying to set up a template for our drawings that will help standardize the way we populate our title blocks. We have a preexisting database (file type .sldmat) for assigning material to our solid parts, but with us being a contracted fabricator we rarely need the model to have the material assigned. This leaves us with the issue of having to manually enter the material type (along with other data) into the custom properties of the drawing which makes our database with our standardized naming convention completely useless.


What I am wanting to do is create a Property Tab that can access the database from the drawing and pull in the complete list of materials so that the material can be selected from a drop down list and populated into the title block.


I understand that it seems like the easiest way would be to apply the material to the model, but we would have to go through hundreds of models to manually update them, not knowing when or if we will be making the part again. I am hoping that the Property Tab will be able to automatically link the drawing to the database simply by opening the Property tab, selecting the material, and hitting Apply.


Any thoughts would be appreciated. If it can't be done, then I am not any worse off than I currently am.


Thanks everyone.