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Flow trajectory problem

Question asked by Wei Hao Yip on Nov 3, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2019 by Wei Hao Yip

I'm trying to model water flow from a water pipe drilled with holes (represented by thing (or outlet) above the panel and the flow is defined there) onto a solar panel. I've also defined a heat source on the panel surface (assuming all of the losses turn to heat). The parameters i want to get is just avg, max, min temperature of the panel. Weird thing is that the flow should be from the outlet above the panel downwards to  the bottom of the panel, instead the flow goes up? What did i do wrong? I've set this to an external flow. I thought the problem was at the gravity so i changed the -9.81 to just 9.81 but no use. Any help will be appreciated, this is pretty urgent. the panel layoutthe weird flow trajectory i'm getting