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STEP Export - Geometric issues

Question asked by Valentin Colomb on Nov 4, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2019 by Paul Salvador

Dear community,


I am used to export my parts to STEP (AP214) format, and send them to our suppliers. I just realized exported STEP have bad geometries on this specific project. I attached two screenshots for comparison on a specific feature. 


Some remarks :

- It appears on small features, especially fillets.

- Fillet are lacking, or the have small "spikes" on them.

- The original part is made only of surfaces. Everything seams to be correctly stitch together, only one surface.

- I tried to look for tolerance settings, without success.

- I increased the picture quality setting of Solidworks, it does not seam to be a display error. I see the same issues with e-drawing.


Do you have any suggestions to export an accurate STEP file ?


Thank you.