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Compare Geometry - Part Alignment not working

Question asked by William Knapper on Nov 1, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2019 by Dan Pihlaja



I'm trying to compare the geometry of two similar parts using the 'Compare Documents' feature. The reference file is a native Solidworks part file, but the modified file is an imported .X_T (parasolid) that had a different coordinate system setup. I imported the parasolid and created a reference coordinate system in order to align the parts (which I did select in the dialog box for comparing geometry).


When 'Volume comparison' is selected, the parts seemed to be lined up (see attached picture), but there's an odd 'shadow part' in the preview window of the modified part in its original alignment.


When 'Face comparison' is selected, the parts are not aligned in the preview window (see attached pic), but it says there are unchanged faces, which I think means Solidworks is processing the parts as aligned. The annoying part of this is that I can't zoom in the same way on the two models to see exactly what changed, since the preview windows have the parts in different alignments.


Any ideas on what's causing this? How can I get them to match up? Again, my main problem is with the lack of alignment in the preview windows, not the calculations of unchanged/modified faces or volumes.