Hubert Carle

Weld Gap Parameter?

Discussion created by Hubert Carle on Oct 31, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2019 by Arthur McRae

So is there a parameter for weldgaps.  Here is the situation: We put .03 weld gap into our weldments and trims as a matter of course.  The boss has this pipe cutting machine. We use it for big jobs but not for small ones. It is so slick.  Company is Bend-tech and you import to the program an STP file of your piping.  The only problem with this workflow is the unit puts in a weld gap TOO! 


We have a project that is MANY MANY handrails.  Is there a "Weldgap" parameter I can change globally or "sigh" do I have to go in and change them ALLLLLL  INDIVIDUALLY?