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SW2020 Assembly file loading with INVISIBLE parts & sub assemblies

Question asked by Matt Davey on Oct 31, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2020 by Blas Pérez

We recently upgraded to SW2020 SP0 and for the most part everything has gone smoothly..... However we have a Large assembly file loading which when opened does not show various parts & sub assemblies in the graphics area. They all still appear in the tree, and you can make out the outline should you wonder the mouse in the right areas. Even if you open the part / sub assembly they are still invisible!


I have found that rolling back or suppressing the features, then rolling forward / un-suppressing again will spring everything back to life. This needs to be done for every part / assembly...tedious.....but once done, go back to the main assembly, save and check in, then re-open......and all is lost again! I cant figure out why this sort of behavior should be.


Worth also noting that is you were to open one of the parts / sub-assemblies on their own i.e. without having opened the top level assembly, there is no such issue and all load & display as normal. Its only when opening this high level assembly does the problems occur.


We have pack-and-go'd the entire assembly files and opened on two other machines with SW2020 installed and with different graphics cards / drivers. The problem still occurs, so can only figure that this is a problem with this main assembly file. Perhaps some sort of corruption occurred when it was first saved and hence converted to 2020 from 2018.


Has anyone experienced this error, perhaps even when upgrading from other versions? Or does anyone know what steps to try to get around this issue. I have considered using the PDM rollback to previous version, but as back then it was a 2018 file then I am unsure if this will do more harm than good. ANY help / guidance would be appreciated. Thanks