Bob Hamers

Opening SolidEdge ASM

Discussion created by Bob Hamers on Nov 2, 2019



I am trying to open a SolidEdge ASM first my solidworks said that it was incompatible or secured. But for both that is not true. Then, when i selected "graphical body" something more happend. It tries to open BUT , it is a fairly large asm. ( 840KB)  ( I think its large ) But there are parts in it which are even bigger (??). If i open a simple part of the asm ( 137KB) it will open, but if i select a part that is 286Kb it will not open (same as the complete ASM , 840KB) it opens the "Open Progress" window , but this shuts down and my solidworks does nothing and waits till i proceed with actions.


I can not say i have a very bad laptop, i drawed and still draw a lot with solidworks and also complex things. i7 intel processor from the 7th gen. 256gb SSD , 1TB HDD and a geforce GTX 1050.


I hope you guys (and girls) can help me out.