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Equations and configurations

Question asked by Joel Filipe on Oct 31, 2019

Hello everone,


I have this part, where I needed a few equations to know how much tube I need to cut everytime I insert a diferent dimension.


This part has 3 different dispositions that are dependent on the width:


One option if width is smaller or equal to 1180mm

One option if width is bigger than 1180mm but smaller than 1601mm

One option if width is bigger than 1600.


I know that there's a little error on the 1600 and 1601 bit but it's ok for what I need to achieve.


My problem now, is that I need drawings of the 3 different part options but I have no way to change the widht value and make it change just one drawing at a time beacuse I have no configurations.

If I had a configuration to a specific width SW will no longer let me change widht anymore.

I don't know if I'm making myself clear..


I'll leave the part attached.


Thank you in advance